About us

Delivery Times

All items are sent from the Netherlands. Unless otherwise specified we use Post NL with track and trace as standard for all deliveries. Based on recent orders, estimates for delivery times are as follows:

USA = 7-9 (calendar) days

UK = 5-7 days

NL = 2-4 days

Belgium = 3-5 days

Canada = 8-10 days

Germany = 4-5 days

Iceland = 10 days

Ireland = 9-12 days

Sweden = 9-10 days

The PostNL website has a live service alert page showing reported delays by country. This may be found here.

Import Duty

Please note that for deliveries outside of the European Union import duties may be payable depending on your local customs and excise laws. Currently for the UK any single order exceeding GBP 135 will attract import duty, it is advisable to keep individual orders below this amount.


Unfortunately it is too expensive for us to use PayPal as a payment system, we lose up to 10% of the full purchase value when using PayPal.

Large Orders and Shipping

If you would like to place a large order, please get in touch before you make payment as we may be able to offer better shipping rates.


If you have any feedback (good or bad) please get in touch via the contact page. We love to hear from our customers and we're always looking to improve our service. We don't always do everything perfectly, so if you have a complaint please get in touch and let us try to fix things. 

AOL/Sky/Yahoo email

We have been told by a number of customers using these mail providers that they have not received their order confirmations or tracking information - and that emails sent to DartsCentre.com are not being answered. To mitigate this we have set up a yahoo mail account (dartscentre@yahoo.com) to send confirmations and tracking details to these customers. If you have placed an order and not received a confirmation, please get in touch via this email address or the contact page and we will ensure you receive anything which has been missed. 

Jonathan - September 14th 2023