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Performance Darts

Performance Darts - Classic

Performance Darts - Classic

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22g - Length 36.5mm - Width 7.8mm

24g - Length 40mm - Width 7.8mm

26g - Length 41.5mm - Width 7.8mm

32mm Steel Points, DPC 100 micron flights, black intermediate grip stems

Performance Dart's latest darts range is The Classic Performance Darts - using a tried and trusted formula to ensure that they are the best they can be. Once again we collaborated with a “grassroots” dart player to design these stunning new darts.

This design has been made famous by some of the greatest dart players of all time! We made a few modifications to produce a classic designed dart with our highly prized “sticky” rings and micro-grip. The Performance Darts cone is in place for close grouping with micro-grip  on the nose for players who like to get their fingers to the front of the barrel.

There are 8 rings that form the main part of the barrel and extended micro-grip at the rear for players who utilise the rear of the barrel for grip and thrust on release.

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