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Performance Darts

Performance Darts - Optimum Black

Performance Darts - Optimum Black

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22g - Length 45mm - Width 7.8mm (5.8mm at narrowest point)

24g - Length 45mm - Width 7.9mm (6.1mm at narrowest point)

26g - Length 47mm - Width 8.0mm (6.3mm at narrowest point)

Point Length = 32mm

The special edition Black version of the popular Optimum Darts. These Performance Darts are inspired by a darts player; player and darts photographer David “The Phantom” Gill.

The vision was a classic “bomb” shape dart with a non-slip grooved nose and a high level of sticky grip throughout the barrel and this is the result. The precision in the design and manufacture gives you everything you could wish for in a dart to take your game to the optimum!

The darts come ready to throw and are fitted with 32mm plain black points:

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