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Quantum - Antigrav

Quantum - Antigrav

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Quantum - Antigrav Darts 90% Tungsten

15g – Length 44.8mm – Max Width 5.7mm

17g – Length 48.5mm – Max Width 5.7mm

Starting at the point end, the profile can be broken down into three prominent sections:

Section 1 – This is a tapered section from the nose diameter with radiused grooves up to the outer barrel diameter which coincides with the shaft diameter for a smooth transition. Making this dart both thin and light, it has been carefully and precisely machined from the raw material outer diameter.

Section 2 – This is a straight section of radiused grooves closely pitched together which provides a great reference point for grip towards the front. A grip level which isn’t overly aggressive so doesn’t hinder the release in any way.

Section 3 – Due to the thin nature of the barrel and internal thread, this last section is smooth. Taking pride of place in this section however, is the Quantum Darts logo, a true stamp of quality product.

Barrels = 90% Tungsten

Supplied with 100 Micron Flights

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