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Quantum - Justin Smith

Quantum - Justin Smith

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Quantum - Justin Smith Darts 90% Tungsten

23g – Length 50.8mm – Max Width 6.35mm

During the development of his darts Justin Smith had several ideas in mind what he wanted to try & this was the one of the physical prototype sets produced on the way to his final set. You will note comparatively to the other Justin Smith darts (click here to view the 95% variant) which we have on sale, these are 90% tungsten & have no lateral cuts along the barrel.

Rear of the barrel (shaft side of the logo) you will note a small array of flat grooves which are deep enough to give sufficient feeling at his dominant grip point.

Front of the barrel (point side of the logo section) which is quite distinguishable there is a combination of v shaped grooves (like you would note on our griptide darts), radiused grooves to break up the otherwise smooth sections (also enhancing grip).

The darts have been coated with a scintillating black titanium nitride coating (which has a slightly grey tinge to it) and re-machined to allow the contrasting natural tungsten to glisten on the eye. They come complete with Justins choice of dart flight (our 100 micron welsh dragon standard shape), a set of black medium nylon shafts, weigh 23,0 grams and are contained with a sleek fully recyclable blister pack.

Barrels = 90% Tungsten

Supplied with 100 Micron Flights

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