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Quantum - Telstar

Quantum - Telstar

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Quantum - Telstar - 95% Tungsten

22g – Length 50.8mm – Max Width 6.45mm

24g – Length 50.8mm – Max Width 6.8mm

26g – Length 50.8mm – Max Width 7.15mm

‘Telstar’ from Quantum Darts has been designed to be a front weighted dart, but one which achieves the target weight without compromising the outer diameter at the widest point. In the ideal scenario, we want to keep the darts as thin as possible, tightening grouping in the trebles on the dartboard, creating more free space for following darts.

In this case keeping the diameter low, was achieved by making the dart from a 95% tungsten (w) to 5% nickel (ni) composition material. This means that the material density to weight ratio is much greater and the barrel thickness comparable to an 80% or 90% tungsten dart in the same length is greatly reduced because there is a higher weight to volume ratio. When designing a dart there are two base variables that have a dramatic effect on the weight A) barrel length B) barrel width but other factors such as groove depth also contribute.

Starting from the point end of the barrel the dart features a radiused nose incorporating a reduced lip for assisting deflections, with a tri-groove pattern along its length, broken up by flat grooves in between which add to the grip intensity. This is a barrel that could suit front middle or rear grip, but extreme rear grip not as much due to the smooth section with the Quantum Darts logo where the barrel meets the stem.

Barrels = 95% Tungsten
Supplied with 100 Micron Flights

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