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The Loxley CuZn Collection

The Loxley CuZn Collection

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The Loxley CuZn Collection - all ten sets in one pack!

The CuZn range by Loxley Darts are premium slim brass darts, a great way to try many different barrel shapes with the dimensions of a tungsten dart at a fraction of the cost!

Now you can buy all ten sets of the barrels as one set, this includes the popular CuZn #1 which sold out months ago!

Please note this set is sold as barrels only, it doesn't come with stems, flights or packaging.


CuZn 01 = 12g – Length 53mm – Max Width 6.2mm
CuZn 02 = 15g – Length 51.8mm – Max Width 7.0mm
CuZn 03 = 14.5g – Length 52mm – Max Width 7.6mm
CuZn 04 = 14g – Length 51mm – Max Width 7.6mm
CuZn 05 = 16g – Length 53.3mm – Max Width 7.0mm
CuZn 06 = 15g – Length 55mm – Max Width 7.6mm
CuZn 07 = 13.5g- Length 43.3mm – Max Width 7.9mm
CuZn 08 = 13g – Length 49.8mm – Max Width 7.1mm
CuZn 09 = 15g – Length 52mm – Max Width 7.8mm
CuZn 10 = 15g – Length 52mm – Max Width 7.7mm

Point Length = 32mm (26mm protruding)

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